Artificial Intelligence – Kara

Kara is about a robot that is designed to be like a human with the exceptions of thoughts, but something goes wrong during the process of making her.

When Kara is being built, a guy asks her some questions about who she is and tells her to talk in several different languages. When the guy tells her that she is merchandise she says that she thought, which is not supposed to happen because she is a robot meaning that she is not supposed to think. The guy tells the computer that is building her that it should disassemble her.

When the mechanical arms starts disassembling her she freaks out and just before it disassembles her head, she says that she is scared. The mechanical arms immediately stops disassembling her and start rebuilding her. I think that the guy realized something, that she is not a robot but more like a human.

When mankind finally accomplishes building successful A.I robots I think that they will be accepted into that society. If a robot like Kara was builds in the next 10 years, I think that there would be a large amount of people who would not feel comfortable living with artificial people.

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