Anorexia | Essay

Anorexia is a serious condition, and many people have an eating disorder, because either they don’t like their body and they starve themselves, or they simply can’t eat anything without getting sick and throw up.
Over 30 million people of all genders and races are suffering from an eating disorder in the US even though most of them are teenage girls. Some people can’t help that they have this condition, but the real problem is that most teenage girls who are confirmed having this condition, are girls who don’t like their bodies, because they think they are too fat, even though they aren’t.

Imagine going to school or work and you haven’t eaten anything In the morning, even though your body is screaming for food. At your lunch break you eat your daily apple and come home starving, but you don’t eat anything, because you want to throw away a few pounds.

This is really scary to think about! Especially when you see how much a teenage girl is supposed to eat every day.
The average teenage girl between 14-18 years, are supposed to eat about 2100kcal every day which is about 7 fruits and vegetables, 6 grains products, drink 3-4 glasses of milk and eat 2 pieces of meat. If we go back to the girl who eats an apple a day. She gets about 52,1kcal every day for eating an apple, but that isn’t too bad isn’t it? Apples are healthy after all. Well if you think about she still needs over 2000kcal, then it is really bad.

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