Andrea Levy:” This is my England (2000)”

“(...) English is my birthright. England is my home. “(p. 4, ll. 10-13) Imagine being born and raised in a place that you think you belong, but you continually keep on getting clues indirectly from the people around you that you do not entirely belong there.

This is what our writer Andrea Levy faced back in the days together with her siblings in England. Andrea Levy is London-born and a daughter of Jamaican immigrant parents.

“Any history book will show that England has never been an exclusive club, but rather a hybrid nation.” (p. 3, ll. 40-41) This indicates that Britain as a nation is a nation that is mixed with all kinds of nationalities, and not that pure as some citizens make it look like.

Levy reflects on the impact of the British government rule as a widespread, even though some may not accept that slavery made the nation rich. Levy points out how Britain benefited from the immense labor of black people, and due to the British imperialism, a social mix was created.

All of this has contributed to the development of Britain as a multi-culture.

In Levy’s attempt to persuade her readers or the mass, Levy uses logos to show her reasoning and how history goes hand in hand “(..)some ordinary British white people are connected by family ties to the black people of the Caribbean or to the estimated 20,000 black people who settled in Britain as a result of the trade. (...). Indeed, without the trade in slaves Jamaica as we know it would not exist.” (p. 3, ll. 28-31)

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