American Ways

- At the beginning of the history of the United States has there been diversity
- Most of the early Americans recognized this diversity, as a fact of life.
- The huge variety of cultural, ethnic and religious groups meant that accepting diversity was the only choice, even though some people were enthusiastic about it or threatened by it.
- Nowadays there is widespread recognition of the value of cultural pluralism, especially among young people.

- John Zogby, an American pollster says that what holds the United States together is that “we all share a common set of values that make us American”
- The Americans are defined by the rights they have, their rights are their history and that’s why the first European settlers came to The united states and why millions more have come there since.
- The united states have been viewed as the land of opportunity

- There are thee unique values that have become traditional in America and are the reasons why immigrants have been drawn to America. The chance of individual freedom, equality of opportunity and material wealth, but to obtain these benefits there is a price to be paid, which is Self-reliance, competition and hard work.
- These unique values have determined the culture of USA.
- In 1776 the British colonial settlers declared their independence from England and establish a new nation the United States of America.

- In 1787 they wrote the constitution for their new nation.
- There would never be a government supported by the church.

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