American Girl | Afsætning

Question 1
Using relevant theory briefly describes the buying behavior for buying toys.

Question 2
Critically assess the marketing environment and identify factors that might have an impact on the sales of dolls like e.g. American Girl.

Question 3
Briefly comment on the following sentences ( 4-5’ish lines for each answer):

a. The market for American girl products is a niche market.
b. Impact from the cultural factor in the external environment is a threat for the doll producers.
c. It is important for the customers’ perception of the brand that American Girl is part of fundraising activity.
d. The American Girl concept will primarily fit an urban target group in other markets.

Question 4
Critically evaluate the challenges for American Girl within the near future and discuss possible solutions for two of the identified challenges.

Challenge 1 – Increased environmental awareness:

Possible solution to challenge 1:
- Implementing the use of recycled plastic in their production

Challenge 2 – Increased use of technological “toys”:

Possible solution to challenge 2:
- Adapting to the digitalization by offering an app that lets you scan your doll

A possible solution to this challenge could be for American Girl to develop an app as a peripheral service. By doing this, they would still keep their main product, but slowly integrating the increased use of technology when playing with toys.

The app could offer an opportunity to scan a QR-code on the doll, whereafter the doll would appear on your phone or tablet and allow the child to level up the doll, play games with the doll as the main character, etc. As a child, you would be able to see “yourself” on the screen, and it would be much more fun than “just” playing with the doll in real life, so to say.

This is seen in games like Sims, where you can create your character, but American Girl would offer the virtual AND the real-life experience, which would be beneficial for the company, as they would still keep their production focused on the dolls, whereas they slowly adapt to the increased use of technology in the toy industry.

Besides this, it would also allow them to expand their target group because the product becomes more attractive, as well as keeping true to their idea of “selling a storyline”.

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