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Is it possible to find hope amidst a divided nation? And is it attainable to unite a country, whose inhabitants have such different political and ethical views on society?

Amanda Gorman´s inaugural poem “The Hill We Climb” for Joe Biden´s inauguration on 20th January 2021, engages with the hope for a future, where people will no longer live divided, but instead united despite their differ-ences.

It is important to keep in mind that this is an occasional poem, meaning that it is made for Biden´s inauguration only. Therefore Gorman´s poem is consistent with Biden's political, and general beliefs.

Although the poem is encouraging to unite people, there are still shared political views within the poem. “We've learned that quiet isn't always peace, / and the norms and notions / of what just is / isn’t always just-ice.” (P. 2. L. 6-9.)

The quote refers to the anger and frustration of the confronta-tion, where a white cop was kneeling on black George Floyd´s neck until he died.

In the poem when saying “what just is isn’t always just-ice” she questions the systemic racism there are within the laws. She also points out, that instead of violating justice, it is seen too often that society just goes along

since that is the way it has always been, instead of changing. This debate and criticism of society are included in the poem because it is a shared view of Biden, and even though not every-body shares his view, he needs to mark his opinion.

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