Adaptive clothing | Argumentative essay | 10 i karakter

The clothing market worldwide is experiencing a remarkable trend in adaptive clothing. In America one in five lives with a disability. People in America with disabilities make up the third-largest market segment in their country.

This problem isn’t just a thing that is on-trend right now and in the enclosed attachment 1 it appears that the overall retail market for adaptable clothing is growing.

The Graph shows that in 2019 the market was estimated to be worth around $47.8 billion. In 2023 the market is estimated to hit $54.8 billion.

So, the market is growing and not just growing at a slow tempo. This means that there is clearly a trend going on and more companies are seeming to jump on this trend, so why is clothing companies seeing this as a problem now

when it has been a problem the whole time and what are the opportunities and challenging parts with a business wanting to target people with disabilities.?

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