Actona Company AS | Analyse

Exercise 1
1.1 (5%)
Explain what benefits Actona Company A/S can obtain by being acquired by JYSK.

1.2 (5%)
Assess which competition, porters’ generic strategies, strategy Actona Company A/S uses.

1.3 (25%)
Prepare an analysis of the profitability and earning capacity of Actona Company A/S for the years 2012/13 - 2014/15 based on the key figures, articles and management's review.
- Situation
- Impact

1.4 (5%)
Assess how Actona Company A / S’s liquidity has generally developed in 2014/15 and explain the development's significant factors.

1.5 (5%)
Assess Actona Company A/S 'prospects based on the answer to questions 1.1 -

Exercise 2
2.1 (5%)
Calculate the cost price for the lot and a piece. RV-1.

2.2 (5%)
Calculate the contribution margin per. PCS. and coverage of RV-1.

2.3 + 2.4 (10%)
Explain how Byens Vinhandel ApS can achieve a greater degree of coverage on RV and discuss whether Byens Vinhandel APS should include RV-1 in the range.

Exercise 4
4.1 (5%)
Calculate the total contribution margin and the coverage ratio for HighDry. The necessary information is given in A7 in excel file.

4.2 (5%) Calculate how much sales should at least increase to be profitable to improve the quality of HighDry.

4.3 (5%) Discuss whether Jøling ApS should improve the quality of HighDry.

1.1 (5%)
Explain what benefits Actona Company A/S can obtain by being acquired by JYSK.

Actona Company A/S is a global furniture company headquartered in the small town outside Holsterbro, Tvis.

They work on developing and producing what they call "modern" furniture, which they do in close collaboration with their partners in Asia and Eastern Europe

and then sell these to their B2B customers in the form of retailers. They have been doing this since 1981.

To explain what benefits Actona Company A/S can obtain by being acquired by JYSK, we first need to look at how the management of Actona and Jysk, respectively, argues for this decision and what the experts have to say about this.

(Former) CEO of JYSK Holding Lars Larsen says that he does not want to comment very specifically on what expectations they as a group have for the acquisition of Actona

but still said in connection with the announcement of its purchase, that he expected; "Actona in the race of five years would have reached double size ".

This can be assumed to be a reference to their net turnover which would be high expectations to set for a newly acquired company.

This shows that the group has had a positive view of Actona Company A/S’ key figures and strategic plans, and therefore has seen great growth potential in them, which also justifies why they have chosen to acquire them.

Former CEO of Actona Company A/S, Orla Dahl Jepsen, died in December 2014. This can be assumed to have had a great influence on the internal structure, and they have therefore needed a more capital-wealthy and experienced company to lean on.

The new top manager Torben Villadsen says, that they have had great success, even after the death of the former CEO.

“We do not specify how the acquisition will take place, but it is safe to say that this will result in value creation can for both companies”. This succes can also be seen in their accounts, which I will analyze later on.

The acquisition will for Jysk and Actona result in increasing market power as they get a more significant market share and thus become more dominant over the supply chain

and at the same time can potentially experience a cost reduction through more significant usage of economies of scale, if they choose to go into production together.

They will also gain a knowledge-wise competitive advantage as they can share their core competencies and skills such as in the production technology, financial control over the market.

The expert Frederik Aakard believes that it is positive for a company like Actona to be acquired in their current situation. He says that Jysk's enormous reach in the international and domestic market will boost sales for Actona.

However, he also predicts that the company will be run in more or less the same way as before because the management of Actona also invests in the company itself, and can be expected to continue the daily operation.

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