A Simple Exchange of Niceties | Analytical essay

A Simple Exchange of Niceties is a short story written by Joanne Fedler. The short story is about the story's unnamed narrator, who is eight weeks pregnant.

She does not want to have the baby and then chooses to book an appointment for an abortion. But something changes her point of view.

After making an appointment at an abortion clinic, she goes to her favorite park bench to relax her brain a little and calm down.

She has an incredibly special connection with the bench she sits on as she feels it is the only place she is welcome. And what made her change her mind about having an abortion was the woman she was talking to.

While she was sitting on the bench a woman joined her. They talked about babies. The woman says that she isn’t able to get pregnant but the narrator doesn’t really show any interest.

The narrator changes her mind and decides to give birth to her baby. Not so she can keep it herself, but to help the woman. The story ends with the narrator giving birth to her child.

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