A neglected child | Engelsk

Neglect happens when parents can not or will not meet a child's needs. Most parents do not hurt or neglect their children intentionally, but when parents are not around a lot, it has an influence on their children. A neglected child may have a hard time, to be social, to have friends, or to take the right decisions.

This is exactly what Téa Obreht wants to portray in the short story The sentry (2010). In the short story the main character Bojan is raised by a housekeeper, because his father is in the military and his mother is not in the picture. This causes Bojan to be lonely and isolated.

So how does social heritage and the environment that we live in affect our developmental behaviour? The following analytical essay will focus on the characterization of Bojan, as well as his relationship with his father.

Bojan is an introverted kid who phases hard challenges within the one year we follow him in the short story. He grows up without a present mother and father figure, his father is in the war and he lives with a housekeeper. This indicates that his mother is not in his life.

While reading the story, you get a feeling that Bojan longs for something better, maybe a relationship with his dad.

He is excited for his father to bring home his military dog: ‘’Something about Bojan's excitement concerning the dog's arrival had struck a chord with her, and she had taken him to study the breed catalogue at the library, and to the butcher, so that Bojan himself could pick out the bones he would give the dog.’’.

This excitement towards the arrival of the dog shows that Bojan is lonely and wants someone to spend his time with. Different places in the story also suggest that he does not have many friends: ‘’Bojan was 11, shy, and even then, he loved music, the only boy at his school eagerly learning piano’’ .

The fact that he is the only boy in his school focusing on music reveals that he is an outcast. This is further emphasized later in the story when several boys from his school beat him. So, while reading the story there is a constant feeling of sympathy for Bojan, but as the story progresses we see how all of these things, end up affecting his behavior in a negative way.

Bojan starts to rebel by pointing empty guns at the dog, Kaiser, in order to feel powerful. This is the first time Bojan is in a position of power and he enjoys it.

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