The short story ‘You Are Here’ is written by Dana Miltins and was published in 2018. The story focuses mainly on a woman, but also a man, who are in a relationship together.

The story shows a relationship where there isn’t being put an equal amount of effort into, and where the differences between the two seems to be a deal breaker for the couple.

In the lines 76-88 is when the snakecatcher catches the snake, and the woman starts seeing the beauty and seductiveness in the act of catching it.

By describing the act with adjectives like: “fast and gentle” and “moving slowly through his arms and hands, enjoying his touch as if they’re casual lovers” makes it clear that she’s no longer scared, but fascinated by the snake.

The seductiveness is obviously something that in her opinion is missing from her relationship, so she seems to be almost jealous of the snakecatcher and the snake’s “relationship”.