World War Z | Essay | 10 i karakter

The Human factor is what links us to the past and present. If we ignore the human element, aren't we jeopardizing history and risking one-day repeating tragedy from the history books?

Max Brooks' book "World War Z" from 2006 explores this question by including as much humanity as possible even in a situation as grim as in the world of "World War Z."

Two different narrators recount the excerpt we read from "World War Z," giving a 1st person narrator's perspective, which provides us the narrator's thoughts.

The first narrator is the fictional author of the book. The focus on the human factor and his absence in the book is very noticeable and even clarified by the fictional author.

"I have attempted to reserve judgment, or commentary of any kind, and if there is a human factor that should be removed, let it be my own." .

This statement shows that the original narrator of the book is doing his best to fly on the wall and make the survivors' stories and memories as genuine as possible.

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