Analytical essay:

“Why don’t you dance?” by Raymond Carver is a story about a middle-aged man, he is having a yard sale, trying to sell all of his furniture. After a bit of time a couple goes by and looks at some of the furniture.

Then the middle-aged man comes, and they begin to negotiate about the price for some of the furniture. As time moves on they become drunk and they start dancing in the yard.

The young man from the couple leaves, and then the girl starts dancing with another man. The girl begins after a few weeks to tell the experience to some of her acquaintances. She does this in the hope that the experience will be forgotten.


Loneliness is a feeling that can break people and many people may relate to the condition. Therefore, it is also strange that it is a taboo subject to talk about.

“Why don’t you dance?” by Raymond Carver is a story that depicts exactly this problem. But it does not only deal with loneliness it is also very much about relationships and social problems.

Having met social and economic needs is a prerequisite for most people to feel good. But how does it affect life if basic needs are lacking?