What is Renewable Energy | 10 i karakter

The people of the world are consuming more and more energy. The vast majority of energy production comes from coal, oil and gas, which results in greenhouse gas e-mis-sions that change the Earth's climate.

To limit climate change, it is necessary to convert energy production to renewable energy sources

What is Renewable Energy:

Good and bad things about renewable energy:

Most common renewable energy source in Denmark

How much power does a wind turbine make?


The bad things about Renewable Energy, because what do we do if we have a week of windless? Or if the sky is cloudy, then we don’t make so much energy. Then we need to buy our energy from another country.

The second problem is when the wind turbineis making a lot of energy, then we cannot store the energy. We cannot save the energy and use it another time, so we need to sell our energy to another country.

But it its very windy in Denmark, then it’s probably also windy in Norway and Sweden. So, in the end we may have to pay to get rid of the energy.

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