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My name is Emma. I am a proud member of the debate team at my college. To be given this marvelous chance, to participate in the Oxford Schools Regional Debate Competition, is a real pleasure of mine.

I have really been looking forward to being here today, to discuss this year’s theme “United Kingdom Challenges”. I am going to talk about a subject that might touch a lot of people, namely poverty in the United Kingdom.

Gill Burns is a support worker at Western Primary School. It is her job, to make sure that the children get food so they are ready to learn, but some children can not afford the food. The parents simply just don’t have any money to give their children.

Gill Burns is the one to confirm that. “It’s heartbreaking” she said - and it really is. It breaks my heart too, that there are children suffering in this country.

They did not bring themselves into this world. We did. The adults. It is our job to make sure, that the children can live well feed and under good circumstances.

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