‘To build a fire’ by Jack London | Analytical essay

In my analysis of the short story “To build a fire” by Jack London I am primarily focusing on the story's setting, the relationship between the man and the dog, and the main theme of the story.

The story is based on naturalism, which is a type of literature that focuses on the concept “survival of the fittest”. In this short story the naturalism is shown by the man fighting for his life in nature.

The author's extensive descriptions of nature and the way he describes his surroundings, really help the author illustrate the main theme of the story, which is the conflict between man and nature.

Since the story only has one character besides the dog, the social setting isn't that important. However the man's attitude towards nature and common sense about human capabilities are not reasonable at all.

He ignores the dangerous features of nature and disregards its power, so that he can feel in control.

This also makes him feel like he has nature wrapped around his fingers and nothing can get in his way of reaching his goal.

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