The short story” The Tree of War” by Tanya Datta. The story is about a 10-year-old boy named Krishna. Krishna is an Indian boy with immigrant parents, the story follows him on an evening where he returns home after playing with two of his friends.

Krishna is the main character of the story. Krishna is Hindi and lives in North London with his mother. His father lives in India, but through the story, he tries to come back and join his son and wife in London.

The short story starts in media res, where the main character is playing war with his friends. The title of the story is a reference to the tree, where the boy plays with his friends Angus and Feargal.

The boys in the tree are playing a game called “nuclear war” (1.10). One of the boys says “The best about our game is that it has to be played in a tree the one we call the Monkey tree” (L 26.27). While playing war we get presented for the mother for the first time, it’s here the exposition presents.

‘‘Why did you have to come, Dad? Mum and me were so happy before you appeared. You’ve spoiled everything. You just sit at home all day. You can’t even get a job. Don’t you get it? No one wants you here. No one loves you anymore.’ (ll. 157-159)

The boy decides to tell his father how he feels after thinking back to the game that he has with his friends: “you choose total destruction over everything else” (L155).

The declining action and resolution is lacking, the boy is looking directly into the fathers eyes where he can see tiny explosions like the clouds created by bombs,
“Two minuscule mushroom clouds billow against his inky-black pupils. What I can’t see is how they’re reflected back in mine.” (L. 164-166).

The last sentence in the short story symbolizes the conflict between the boy and his father, as the boy notices the anger in his father’s eyes. He is not very quick to notice that he is angry as well.