The cherry tree | Summary

The short story "The cherry tree" is written by Lisa Blower and is about a woman named Thea. Thea lives all by herself, insulated from the surrounding world.

Thea's neighbour Roxanne and her son Toby show up at Thea's house on a random day. Roxanne and Toby have a cherry tree in their backyard, but the problem is that the branches are in Thea's garden.

The conflict in "The cherry tree" is between the neighbours Roxanne, Toby and Thea. Thea won't let them come into her house because she's afraid of what they might think of her and the way she lives.

Thea sees Roxanne and Toby as spoiled and the kind of people that can get what they want and which we see here "But until you pay your way please go away.

Life isn't about getting all your own way, and your son needs to shown there's a better way". Thea thinks that Toby should be raised better because he believes he can get anything he asks for, and we see that he is used to getting what he wants because he gets bad-tempered when Thea says no to get through her house.

Also, Thea can't have kids may affect her problem with Roxanne because Roxanne can have kids and is waiting for her second baby.

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