The Return | Analyse | Sadaat Hasan Manto

Religious conflict in a nation is something everybody is afraid of because it is something that divides the community. Religious issues in a community makes people strangers to each other.

No community ever imagined that their own people would turn into enemies.

“The Return” is written by Sadaat Hasan Manto in 1951. His life was greatly influenced by partition.

“The Return” is about a man named Sirajuddin who is fleeing from his community with his daughter, due to their religion.

Sakina is the daughter of Sirajuddin, and she is seventeen years old. She is fair and is very pretty. She resembles her mother. Sirajuddin had to leave India during the partition days, he cares for his daughter a lot.

“The two of them had begun to run. Sakina’s dupatta had slipped to the ground, he had stopped to pick it up, and she had said: “Father, leave it.” (p. 1, ll. 20-21).

Even though they didn’t have time to waste and his own daughter told him to leave her “dupatta” he could not even leave her “dupatta” there in the chaos when it slipped off her shoulders.

He offered his life for his daughter’s “dupatta” so that she could be covered.

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