My name is Lawrence and I was 13 years old when my mom and I went on a trip, to my hometown in India. We were visiting some family and were staying for a while. When we arrived, I went to take a shower to freshen up. I’m still not entirely sure how it happened but, I slipped and hit my bottom pretty hard on the floor.

I remember my mom pounding on the locked door, to let her in while. I was just laying on the floor, crying non-stop. After I calmed down a bit, I let her in. I remembered her examining the floor and being confused because the floor was dry as dust. I had slipped before, but not on a completely dry floor. But that was just the beginning.

Later that evening my mom needed to run some errands and she left me alone in the house. I began to write in my diary about the trip so far. That’s when I heard something grumble... But it was only my stomach, so I hopped out of bed to grab some snacks from the kitchen.

I opened the door and as I took a step forward, the door slammed back shut hitting my head pretty hard. I fell backwards and onto the carped. I screamed when I saw and felt blood dripping from my forehead. It hurt so bad. My vision was blurry, and eventually, I passed out. But before I did, I remember hearing a laugh, that sounded like a woman.

I woke up and felt a terrible pain in my forehead, and I touched the area. But when I touched it, I was surprised. It wasn’t wet, there was no blood, no swelling, only pain. I was still on the ground. I looked around me, no blood. I looked at the door, no blood either. The door was still cracked halfway open and I was still home alone.