The Marketing Invoriment | Analyse

Using the website and other information you might come across in newspapers etc., you are to answer the following questions about Grillen Burgerbar in Vejle:

1. Using the “Omverdens model” you are to analyse The marketing environment of Grillen Burgerbar in Vejle. (You can maximum write 3 pages.)

2. Identify the similarities and differences between “Omverdensmodellen” and the “PESTEL” analysis in chapter 2, Jobber. You can maximum write 1 page.
- Sources:

The “omverdensmodel” also called “the model for analysing the macro-environment” consists of two circles circling the company.

The inner-circle is called “the controllable macro-environment” and consists of a few different factors, e.g. competitors, customers, etc.

The company can directly influence the factors in this circle because the company is often in contact with these.

The outer-circle is called “the uncontrollable macro environment” and similarly consists of a few factors such as mass media, cultural factors

etc. The factors in this circle cannot be affected by the company however, the company will be influenced by these factors when making decisions.

Looking at the inner-circle, the controllable macro-environment, the first factor, that is relevant are the competitors. Grillen Burgerbar in Vejle has a lot of competitors.

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