The Homesman | Analyse & fortolkning

Ms. Marry Bee Cuddy lives a lonely life as a single pioneer. Nevertheless is she as strong and competent as any man. This is showing in many scenes, especially when she volunteers for the journey with the crazy women. In addition to that, she possesses many talents; she can shoot, ride, farm and argue.

These are not treasured traits for a woman in the 1800’s Nebraska, and people tend to look at her like she isn’t fit for society. We learn that men find her “bossy and plain”, probably because they find themselves frightened by her individualism and independence.

Mary Bee is not your typical 1800’s obedient housewife, instead she is a strong, caring individual driven by compassion reason and justice.

George Briggs on the other hand, is the closest to an outlaw you will find, without actually being it. This fine gentleman has abandoned society and all norms and rules. He drinks, shoots, robs and only takes care of his own interests.

This man left both wife, family and the “95th dragoon” to start a new life on the prairie. Briggs despises all kinds of responsibility, and therefore takes distance to all sorts of responsibility, especially in the first half of the movie. He is saved by the mercy of Ms. Cuddy, and because of that (and 300$) he agrees to aid her in her journey.

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