The Flowers – Alice Walker | Analysis

“The Flowers” is a short story, made by Alice Walker. It follows a little girl, named Myop, in the end of the summer. The African-American girl strolls away from her house and farm into the woods where she picks flowers. She discovers the corpse of man, and puts her flowers down to the man, and the summer ends. The author, Alice Walker is an American novelist, short story writer, poet and activist.

She was involved in the Civil Rights Movement, which she expresses in her works, and also in “The Flowers” Though the story is very brief, I will touch a lot of subjects. I will touch the subject’s narrator and point of view. I have also made a characterization of Myop. At the end, I have given “The Flowers” a theme and have perspective it to Alice Walker’s life. Along the way I will come up with examples from the text as is given under the page.

The dead man is another character we meet in the short story, is only described from the perspective of Myop. We only know what she sees. He had been dead for a while, because it most was a skeleton covered with small lays of skin. The way he looks like suggests that he was haltered. When Myup sees the dead man, she acts fearless and innocent. She acts like it is normally to her, like she has seen it before.

It may have something to do with living in a time with racial segregation. We see a lot of things from the perspective of Myop, which we also see in the narrator. The story is a limited third person by a narrator outside the story, an objective narrator, but confirm to the perspective of Myop, and her point of view.

It can be seen on many lines, as an example “It seemed to Myup as she skipped lightly from henhouse to pigpen to smokehouse that the days had never been as beautiful as these”3 It is an omniscient narrator, that knows her past and future, as example “She felt light and good in the warm sun”4 The narrator knows everything about everything, as an example “She had explored the woods behind the house many times”5 And the narrator knows also about her feelings.

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