The short story begins in medias res, when Rachel is desperately looking for the dress, that she left on the table. She, correctly, assumes, that it’s her little sister, Flora, who has taken it.

Rachel is panicking, because she wants to wear that specific dress on her mother’s fortieth birthday.

When they meet with their mother at the birthday dinner on a restaurant, the atmosphere is very depressed and awkward, because Rachel is mad at Flora. It all ends with a huge discussion back in the house, and the entire family ends up separated.

Rachel is the first of the three characters in the story we are introduced to, and she is one of the main characters.

She is the protagonist of the story, because she is the one driving the story forward. Rachel is a well-structured person, who has a lot of self-confidence.

She is normally always in control of her stuff, but somehow she forgets her dress on the table, and Flora takes advantage of that. Flora, the other main character, is the complete opposite of Rachel.

She is an untidy person, and she isn’t always thinking of the consequences of what she is doing. She seems very jealous at her sister and her appearance, causing her to be very insecure and having low self-esteem.

She feels inferior to her sister, and that’s why she is ‘borrowing’ her dress, to try to win some of Rachel’s perfection.

When she is wearing the dress, she suddenly gets some self-confidence, and that might be because she think her sister is so perfect, and now she is wearing her dress.