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The Dress is a story about an impairing relationship between two sisters and their mother. It was written by Julia Darling in 2006.

During this analysis, I will go in-depth with the symbols and themes of the text and the mother's relationship to her children, and why she doesn't want to give her children attention.

This situation turned out to be a very bad decision for Flora because she ends up getting kicked out “I want you to leave!” sobbed the mother.

“Don’t worry. I’m going,” said Flora.” (p. 5 ll. 193-194) The dress that was ruined was green. Green with envy could symbolize being full of desire for someone's possessions or advantages.

The theme in this text is neglecting is especially seen when Flora is desperately screaming for attention by stealing the dress from Rachel, and the mother isn't able to give her daughters the attention they need.

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