The cruise liner industry | Afsætning

The competitive positions in the cruise liner industry
- Market leader:
- Market Challenger:
- Market follower:
- Market Niche:

The three biggest company;

The levels of competition
- Brand competition:
- Product category competition:
- Generic competition:
- Budget competition:

Competition - market structure

Five forces, the attractiveness of the cruise liner industry

Possible growth strategies for the market leader and the market challenger

The three biggest company; Carnival Cruise, Royal Caribbean Cruises & Norwegian Cruise Line.

Carnival Cruise is the biggest company and has about 35% of the market, Royal Caribbean Cruises about 20% and Norwegian Cruise Line about 13% of the market shares.

Aside from these three major companies, there are several others, including Disney Cruise Line

(which specializes in Disney-related activities) with about 2% of the market, MCS Cruise with about 7% of the market, and many more.

The majority of the companies offer traditional cruise experiences in a variety of locations. The biggest company in the market is Carnival Cruise

which is the market leader with a market share of 35% and their biggest Competition which is the market challenger is Royal Caribbean Cruises.

Royal Caribbean Cruises is the market challenger because they have det second biggest market share in the cruise liner industry.


The market structure of the competition is differentiated oligopoly since there is the 3 biggest companies that dominates the market and own almost the same amount of the market share.

There is a very tough competition and they copy each other a lot with the luxurious cruises.

The market's three biggest companies eventually provide uncompetitive prices and the three biggest companies in the market limiting new market entrants since they dominate the market.

It is differentiated because the companies are trying to differentiate their offerings by the destinations you can go to, how long the cruise trip is, what activities and services they offer on board, etc.

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