”I came to you because I want to tell my story ,' the man on Dr Harper's couch was saying” .

The quote is from Stephen King's short story “The Boogeyman” (1973), in which he describes, how the troubled Lester Billings opens up thoughts in the company of the psychiatrist Dr Harper.

In addition, the textual basis consists of the narrator's look back at himself, in which he talks about the loss of his three children, who have all been killed one by one by the so-called Boogeyman.

With the fiction text “The Boogeyman”, Stephen King themed the relationship between imagination and reality, and his purpose is to touch the reader using fiction codes, such as the detailed descriptions of sensory impressions and sounds”[…]I heard a noise in there one night[…]” .

The sentence is a clear indicator of his psychic thinking, where he is afraid that the child will be raised in the wrong way, and it is also clarified, that he is tempted to engage in violence against his wife.

Here, his imagination also plays a huge role, as he is filled with fears that make him paranoid. All these hallucinations strengthen the foundation of being paranoid and not being in control of his own actions.

At the beginning of the narrative, Billings mention that he has no reason to approach a priest or a lawyer because he is not Catholic, and he does not believe he has done anything wrong.

However, words like "God" "Jesus" and "Christ" are often used in his speech, which is an obvious contradiction, further indicating that Billing has an unstable personality.