The big ladder | Engelsk

Write an essay in which you analyse the obstacles to upward social mobility in Britain and discuss how to overcome these obstacles.

Today the world is richer than it has ever been, we are continuously peaking humanity and yet we are now seeing a strange development. The social mobility in Britain is becoming worse, even though we are getting richer in society, now, how can that be is what I will find out.

In this essay I will account for the obstacles that the British people trying to climb the social mobility ladder are facing. After which I will go through some ways to overcome these obstacles.

To get a proper idea of what this is about, we must know what social mobility actually is. Social mobility is when a person moves either up or down in the social hierarchy, by getting a better or worse job and thus ending up in a higher or lower social class.

Britain is a country where social class has deep roots and has a big impact on the British people’s identity. Even today social mobility is a problem and a growing one

because it is becoming increasingly harder for the lower class to move up due to the rungs on the social mobility ladder are growing further apart.

Social mobility is becoming such a big problem that today the 20th century expectation, that every new generation will be better off than the one before, is not being met any longer.

Today though, low social mobility is not only confined to the low-income families, but it is also affecting the middle-income families, known as “treadmill families” because even though they are running harder they are still standing still.

This is because when they have paid their bills and other necessities, they have barely anything left if any. It can be seen by the fact that more than half working population has saved less than £100 in rural areas such as the North East, Yorkshire and the West Midlands.

Whereas, the majority of the working population in more urbanized areas, such as London and the South East, have saved more than £100.

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