Essay about “the bench”
Analytical Essay

racial segregation has been and is still a very big problem in our world. Black people getting treated differently because of their colour.

Black people getting shot and killed by police officers cause some white people think they are dangerous, that they are animals.

It's gotten better over the years, but back in the 1960s to the 1990s black people in south Africa were treated even worse than today.

They couldn't sit on most benches, couldn't use public transport, there was a limit of things they could do. That's what the bench is all about.

The bench by Richard Rive got published in 1963. It's about a man named Karli. He is fighting back against the system and it gives a lot of hope and inspiration because it could easily happen in the real world.

It all started with Karlie’s arrival in Johannesburg. He's come to Johannesburg for a demonstration for black people's rights. Both white and black people were holding a speech saying that black people have rights, and they should fight the system.

So, Karlie did. He went down to the station in Johannesburg and sat down on a European bench. A European bench is for the white people and not the black people.