The American salad bowl | Opgave

Hello fellow students. I am glad to see you all tonight. My name is Edward Perry, and I am a third-year student. I study cultural identity. The reason why I am speaking today is because of my final project.

I must include a public speech in my project. My project is about immigrants in the US. To me, the US is kind of a large salad bowl where you have all these different kinds of fruits and vegetables or in our case cultures and identities.

By a raise of hands who thinks that native-born Americans are more likely to start their own company. Okay, this is a surprising result.

Most of you think that native-born Americans are more entrepreneurial, although, studies show otherwise.

Because 30 per cent of the businesses started in the US were started by immigrants and immigrants only represent 15 per cent of the country population .

Equally, surprising is the fact that second-generation immigrants are contributing more with taxes than the average native-born American .

This again shows that the idea that immigrants have a bad impact on the economy is not true.

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