The £10 million project | Engelsk Opgave

We as humans have a huge problem, and the problem is Wasting food. Every day we waste a huge load of food, which is a major problem. The reason this is a big problem is that we use a big amount of energy and land space to produce this food.

You may not think about it but every time you throw food out in the trash it is a waste of energy. That is the reason the £10 million project was founded; it was a project that should minimize food waste by a huge percentage.

As a part of the project, the supermarket gave the families located in the town Swadlincote in South Derbyshire, fee gadgets to cut food waste. The gadgets were things like devices that should measure the correct amount of food the family needed to cook, smart fridges to control the correct temperature, food planners and magnetic shopping lists. All these gadgets were a gift from Sainsbury and a part of minimizing the food waste in the town as a test of the project.

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