Project ocean cleanup

Hello, I am John, I am a young entrepreneur who started my own business at the age of 18 years. I have gained a lot of respect around the globe for starting my own business and received prices. I always thought plastic pollution was a threat to humanity but also mother nature, so I wanted to make a change, and make a new market within recycled plastic from plastic cleanups.

As young, I started my own business, and the reason why I bring this subject to you guys is that I want to inspire as many of you guys who maybe have an entrepreneur hidden inside of you.

Many of you guys probably consider “going the safe path of life” strive for a nine-to-five job, a house, children, wife/husband, and having a hobby in your free time.

In my opinion, that is nice, but it sounds boring to me. I wanted to make a difference, and in this speech, I will tell how to make a difference, and all the benefits, but also the pitfalls along the way. It takes dedication and discipline and you probably have to let some of your close ones down for an amount of time, but it is all worth it. Trust me.

When I finally could do this as my “full-time job” and not working day and night, the investors and fundraising gained 43.000.000 DKK or roughly 6.500.000 $, to start this project. It was overwhelming and heartwarming, but it also gave me a lot of pressure on my shoulders and it made me humble.

Hard work and dedication, and of course help from friends and family helped me making the most advanced technologies in the field of cleaning oceans from plastic.

After the first flood-gate was made and placed in India, which is one of the most plastic polluted countries in the world, we quickly after three months gathered 1000 tons of plastic and recycled it, and resold it and earned money on it. It was simply amazing.

Quickly we began mass-producing of the high-tech flood gates and saved the oceans from 1000 of tons plastic, and were still going strong.

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