Teenage Pregnancy | Speech | 10 i karakter

I will now talk about teenage pregnancy.
I chose this topic, because of to reasons, the first is its relevant for me because im in the age group.

And there are lot of TV shows and movies about girls that got pregnant in there teen years, and I have always found it fascinating, having a baby in such a young age.

Teenage pregnancy is when you get pregnant in the ages from 15 – 19. In Denmark it was 0,5 % of all teenage girls gave birth in 2015.

A movie from 2007 called Juno is about a 16 year old girl, that gets pregnant, it tells her story and her thoughts about teen pregnancyes.

One of the main issues is to get a abortion or to give the baby up for adoption. At first she wants to get an adoption, but at the clinic she get reminded that her baby probably has nail by now, there for she decides for adoption.

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