Students must need to learn that colonialism “isn’t all good”

Schools and Universities should have a more balanced and straightway when they teach students about the British Empire and colonialism, says leading historians.

The suggestion to learn the students more about the brutality of Great Britain as a colonial power comes.

A new study shows that more than four out of ten brits observe the British Empire as a good thing and that colonialism is something you should be proud of. According to the study from YouGov, which was published earlier in the week, only one of five think the opposite and see the Great Britain colonial era as something you should regret.

There is a clear boundary between the supporters of the two British parties, The Conservative and the Labour.

The supporters of the social democratic Labour-party is tree times more liable(30 percent) to see the colonial era as something you should regret while it only applies for 10 percent of the conservative electors.

The leader of the historical institute in Warwick, Professor Daniel Branch states, "when you aren’t willing to acknowledge the colonial era as it was - with all this would imply of disagreeableness’s - then we would be blind to how the government and the inhabitants in other countries observe Great Britain".

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