‘Son of Satan’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Many people have experienced bullying at some point in their life. It can influence the victim's life for a very long time, even though it happened many years ago.

Bullying can occur in many environments and even some adults experience bullying at work. Adults gets influenced by bullying just as much as children does . There can be many levels of hatred assembled in the bully .

We do not know which country the story takes place in, but their names could indicate that it takes place in The United States, during summertime (p..39 – l. 2).

The narrator tells us that he only owns cheap shoes (P. 5 – L. 29-30). This could indicate that they are living in a poor neighbourhood – right.

His father also informs the narrator that he offered Simpson’s family a bribe for keeping their mouths shut which they accepted. (P 6. L 24).

This could indicate that Simpson’s family is very poor because it is not normal to just “overlook” an incident like for money, so they must really need the money.

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