Sold into slavery | Twelve years a slave

Slavery is a big part of the history of the United States of America. Innocent people were kidnapped and forced into slavery because of the color of their skin. Twelve years a slave was published in 1853 written by Solomon Northup about his life as a slave.

This analytical essay will analyze a summary of an excerpt from Twelve Years a Slave, chapter six and a personal characterization of Northup and Freeman.

This summary explains a brief period of Northup's life as a slave. Northup is owned by Freeman who is a slave trader. Northup is given clothes, food and showers by the slave owner, and is taught proper etiquette by Freeman.

Northup is taught etiquette to be an obedient and “smart” slave which makes him more expensive for sale. Families are split and a mother is taken away and separated from her son.

The mother is in grief over not going with her son but is threatened to be quit or be whipped a hundred times. Northup explains from his point of view, how he and four others are tortured, threatened but also groomed to be set up for sale.

The wellbeing of the slaves relies on their will to behave and obey. He explains how they are told to stand women in the one end of the room and men in the other and have people come in and look at them, poke them and even strip them down to see their physique. If they fit the criteria of what the customer wants, they are then bought.

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