Modern slavery | 10 i karakter

Ladies and gentlemen, first of all I would like to thank my organization for letting me be the spokesman today and I hope you’ll listen while I talk about a very serious issue that is going on in the world right now, without many of you even realizing, and that is modern slavery and human trafficking.

I’m an associate from a British nongovernmental organization, which specializes in modern slavery and to find ways to end it, but that is not an easy task, because right as we speak in this moment, people are working as slaves.

When human traffickers smuggle humans It’s usually by tricking them into thinking that they want to hire them as models or get them a job abroad, where they often think they will live and work, but in reality they are held as slaves when they arrive and get no payment for working.

Women are often told that they mustbuy back the passport the traffickers gave them and the only way they can do that is to sell themselves and it is thousands of dollars they must pay back.

And that is happening all over the world, currently there are estimated 35 million slaves around the world, statistics show that the human trafficking are mostly in Asian countries like Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Russia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, China, and India.

The number of slaves in India is about 4 times as high as in China which is in second place.

The UK and the US are some countries that has helped a lot, because when people are forced to work in labor, escape, we take care of them and help them to get back on their feet which sometimes fail because when a human has experienced what some of them have it can be really hard to adapt to the society again.

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