The retail group Søstrene Grene has increased its sales of knick-knacks and design products by almost 50% to nearly DKK 900 million, while profits have more than doubled.

The brothers Cresten and Mikkel Grene have given the family business Søstrene Grene a good kick up the backside.

In the past year alone, revenue has grown by almost 50% to nearly DKK 900 million, and profit after tax has more than doubled to close on DKK 78 million.

The impressive growth is down to the fact that Søstrene Grene has increased the rate at which it opens new shops selling home interior products, kitchenware, arts and crafts articles and much else besides.

The accelerating growth can largely be attributed to a change of tactics three years ago, when in some places the brothers started teaming up with locals and sharing the risk associated with opening new shops