Social Life | Engelsk

Different social media platforms expand the possibilities of our everyday life. It’s a gift to humanity and many are relying on communication and other social interactions, through online media platforms.

The possibilities are endless and it enables us to communicate in many other ways, then talking to each other face to face.

However, social medias are like addictions, try it once, and you’re hooked. It can take over our lives, to the point where our Instagram or Facebook account are more important than our actual non-digital interactions and even our life.

The video “A social life” by Kerith Lemon showcases this exact problem. “A social life” starts with a young woman sleeping.

When she wakes up, the first thing she does, is check her phone. She then gets out of bed, and puts on jogging clothes. We think that she is going for a jog, but she ends up only taking a picture of her in running gear.

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