‘Smile’ | Analytical essay | 12 i karakter

A common subject in the young stages of a person’s life is bullying. It is something almost every person has come across in their life in one way or another.

Bullying can either make you or break you, but in most cases, it is the second one. In the short story, “Smile” (2011)

by Roddy Doyle, the main character finds himself as a victim of bullying. He has to find something outside himself to stand up against his bullies.

The main character of the short story is named Victor Forde and he is also the person narrating the story, but it is an older version of him narrating than at the time of the story.

Another important person in Victor Forde’s life, is his mother. He does not tell his mother that he is getting bullied in school. It could be in a sense of pride or the fact that he does not want to make his mother worry about him.

She is very happy, because her son is attending secondary school which is something she did not; “She was excited, young; she’d never gone to secondary school.” (p. 3, l. 97).

t is a very special thing for his mother that he will be going to secondary school, because she did not. He knows how important this is for her and he wants to hide his suffering, so his mother remains happy.

This is a strong characterization, as it shows that he is a strong and an unselfish person and it shows why he is a character that develops.

In the short story, the narrative techniques are very important for the author to present his story. The story’s first narrative technique is diversion, which can be seen in the first part of the story.

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