Sex and identification. Whether you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or something else entirely, we are all just regular human beings in the end.

With records and historical findings dating back to approximately 10.000 years before the common era, and if not for even longer, same-sex relationships have existed.

Some more peacefully than others.Even though different sex-constellations have existed for thousands of years, people have always had immense difficulties with comprehending, respecting and honouring the ones who differ from themselves.

Ever since the colonization of what today is known as Canada, and thereforthe late 15th century, LGBTQ activity in Canada has been considered a felony.

It is almost as if he takes the whole blame on himself.The style of writing is also characterized by the use of a certain negative tone or atmosphere, which portrays the criminalization and intimidationunderwhich the LGBTQ2 community suffered.

It shows severaltimes through lines 70 to 85 where we see examples such as “oppression (l.70)”,“flawed(l.78)”, “abused(l.80)” etc. All of these are part of creating the imagery of howill-treated they were.

The structure of the sentences in these specific lines also differ from the rest of the speech, which is shown through the very characteristic Martin Luther King looking repetitions that all are summoned upby the clauses “we are sorry” or “we have failed you”.

In addition to the use of personal interference, formality and negativity, he makes use of a lot of rhetorical devices such as references, premodern as well as contemporary, and repetitions of certainwords and pieces of text.

In line 17, the Prime Minister states, that these practices of government are not just something that people have forgotten and put behind them.

“These aren’t practices of government long forgotten”. By stating these exact words, he acknowledges the dark history of Canada, how the people were oppressed by it and how inadequate the scientific knowledge about homosexuals was back then, which together is also a way of initiating his appealing of logos.

As mentioned, we see direct historical references to initiatives such as The Purge (l.39) and Fruit Machine (l.52), which were both precautionary measures against the LGBTQ2 community.

This backs up the Prime Minister and once again underlines that he, and the entire government of Canada, is willing to acknowledge the terrible atrocities and that it was the government's fault.