My son is a Fantic | Analytical essay

The short story “My Son is a Fanatic” is about a Pakistani family consisting of a father Parvez, mother, and son Ali. The family emigrated from Pakistan to London.

The father is a cab driver who works at night. The father notices his son Ali is beginning to change, he throws out all his possessions, doesn't talk to his friends, and even breaks up with his girlfriend.

Ali has a harsh attitude towards his father, and Parvez is kinda ashamed that he can no longer control Ali. Parvez always discusses Ali's behavior with his prostitute friend Bettina.

The two main characters are Parvez, a middle-aged father, and Ali, Parvez's son. Parvez came from the capital Lahore of the province Punjab in Pakistan and emigrated with his wife to London;

he has lived in London for at least for twenty years "Parvez had been a taxi driver for twenty years" (p.2, l. 6 ), and in that time he has worked as a cab driver at night.

He is a Punjabis. "Like him, most of the other drivers were Punjabis," and Punjabi means that you are part of the Indo-Aryan ethnic group. Parvez is very disinterested in Islam culture and Islamic values.

We can very well see that because he is friends with a prostitute, drinks alcohol, and he fully assimilates into the western culture, "You are too implicated m Western civilization" (p.7, l.34-35 )

Parvez is a dynamic person because he evolves through the story; we first see a loving father who cares for his son. But the further we get, he develops into a violent father who beats up his son at the end.

Ali, the other main character, was born in England, son of Parvez and a second-generation immigrant. Before Ali changed his attitude and behavior, Ali and Parvez saw eye to eye on things.

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