Me and Dave and Mount Olympus | Analyse | Michel Faber

Some people would probably say that all humans are different because we live in a world where hunger and poverty is a real thing.

After all, some people find it difficult to find food and a job, which is a contrast to people who live by eating a sumptuous meal.

Michel Faber wants to tell us his story from his personal view. Through the essay he speaks about being a human and about social status.

In his opinion there is a resemblance between himself and the Greek god Zeus “Who needs status when one is an Artist, already living on Mount Olympus?” (P.1.l.24).

By using Mount Olympus as a place to live, we can say that Faber uses this quote as a metaphor to describe his thoughts. Mount Olympus is being higher than all other places, which put us in his “artistically” confused mind

and he is above all of us. He is proud of being the artist, he feels no immediate need for a job, and he chooses a life on the street instead.

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