1. Identify and analyse the 3 most important external factors (micro and macro) in the Indian phone market – from Apple’s perspective.
2. Short questions and short answers – your answer may have no more than 2.400 keystrokes altogether. Assess the following statements:
3. Discuss one of Apple’s challenges that relates to their marketing mix in India.

Apple face large competition in India. Many competitors provide similar features, but for a lower price, which makes it more difficult for Apple to generate profit in the Indian market.

Samsung and Xiaomi, some of Apples largest competitors in India, account for 49% together in market share for the smartphone market, where Apple only made up about 1% in the market.

Apple aren’t adapting to the environment, in the same way as their competitor Samsung. Samsung had developed a series of smartphones with a lower retail price than some of their other phones, especially to appeal to the Indian segment.

Apple aren’t changing their Indian strategy since they believe in making the best products that enriches people’s life. It’s difficult, though, to sell products that usually varies in price of $500-$1000 in a market where the GDP per person is $2,000.

That’s where many of Apples competitors, provide smartphones with a retail price of $200. Apple is getting left behind its competitors, due to lack of innovation and adaption, which results in customers switching to other brands.