Stryhns A/S | Marketing Case | Afsætning

1. Characterize the company Stryhns A/S

2. Analyze the internal environment of Stryhn’s Leverpostej
Value chain analysis:
Support activities:
Primary activities:

3. Analyze the use of the product parameter at Stryhn’s Leverpostej

4. Assess future opportunities for growth for Stryhn’s Leverpostej

A/S was established in 1941 by the wholesaler Henry Stryhn. Until 1956 he cycled around Copenhagen and sold the pate, which was bought in Torvehallerne, and in 1956 manufacturing facilities were brought up in Roskilde. In 1960 he expanded the product line and the products were sold in many other stores distributed around Denmark and today the Stryhns leverpostej is Denmark’s biggest liver paste company.

Their mission is to stay as a reirrigated good and not move beyond that point. Their vision is to become more successful in the food industry and strengthening their brand. They want to always improve their company and develop new thinking within production, new technology, innovative products, etc.


The main materials for making a lever pate are pork liver and lard and the other ingredients are anchovies and onion. The pork liver is purchased from the Danish company tulip and then they also have two suppliers from Germany and two from Netherland. Stryhns strategy is to have many different suppliers to always ensure to have raw materials in stock.

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