Manuskript til tale – Targeted Marketing

As a Herbie Hype star reporter for the international magazine Marking4U. I would like to touch base on the recent trends in international marketing. Further I would like to draw attention to not only the advantages as well as disadvantages of targeted marking, and also how targeted marking can lead to either a successful or unsuccessful outcome. The following speech will be focused around how different companies navigate their products to their consumers, by mainly focusing on specific group of people from any age range. By that the companies are assured that their products are living up to the consumers’ needs and desires, and by that the product will be more successful and it will create a good foundation company.

I would like to point out that this just a few examples of how target marketing can be viewed both in a good and bad way, there are in fact some guidelines that you have to consider in order to present a successful product. As I mentioned earlier, some companies have a more difficult time with successful targeted mar-keting, whereas some fail and they might have to remove the product from the market all together, the McFafalel being a clear example of that. At last I would to thank you all, and if there is any additional ques-tion that you would for me answer, I will be happy to do so.

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