Land of the Lost Mariusstern | Analysis

The story takes place in Perry, where the mother of two kids works as a cashier at a Bi-Lo. The single mother enjoys her life with her beloved dog Ollie.

After her 2 kids and husband moved out, she's trying to find a new meaning in life. Since she thought that no one else needed her

she'd tried to find a way where people started to appreciate her help. She ended up trying to find a family's daughter.

"part of the reason she was searching for a stranger's daughter was that no one else needed her."- the start of page 3

At the start of the story, she was self-conscious about her plans which were a little frightening and may have felt weird to other people.
“She didn’t tell anyone what she was doing” - middle of page 1.

In the dialogue with the FBI agent, he somehow accepted that what she did was the right thing to do.

She convinced him that every family would be happy if people were committed to finding each other's lost children. “If it was one of my kids, I’d want everybody to pitch in” - in the middle of page 2.

It has never been confirmed that the woman finds the girl. We know that she found something. The text nevertheless refers us to some clues that could indicate that the girl is being found.

Since she says so, I must assume that those who had called her crazy were wrong because now she had found what she was looking for.

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