Juice market | 10 i karakter | Afsætning

In 2017 retail sales of juice in Denmark constituted approximately DKK 2.1 billion, which was an increase of 3% compared with the year before.

Most of the juice sold in Denmark is based on concentrate, which is around 40% of the market. Orange juice is the most popular product followed by apple juice with approximately 28% of the market.

1. Characterize the “juice market”.

2. The companies operating in the juice market/industry are continuously affected by various external factors.

3. Conduct a market/industry analysis with a focus on the juice. (1.5 pages)
- Bargaining power of suppliers.
- Threat from new entrants
- Bargaining power of buyers
- Threats from substitute
- The industry's competition.
- Conclusion

4. Discuss the following statements:(One page)

5. Based on your answer to tasks 1-4 and relevant appendices: (2 pages)

Rynkeby Foods are dominant regarding the “Rivalry” in the juice market.

When looking at the whole juice market Rynkeby Foods is definitely dominating the market and is therefore also the market leader. Market followers could be Innocent Drinks and Froosh is a market niche. When looking into Rynkeby Foods' competitors many of them are private label.

Private label is also a big competitor for Rynkeby Foods, which is mainly due to the customers are often thinking about high quality and buying local.

Rynkeby Foods Does also have a challenge by customers wanting at use there is good for the environment, which Rynkeby Foods cheaper juices isn't.

CSR is the most important marketing activity at Rynkeby Foods.

CSR is one of the most important marketing for Rynkeby Foods. In 2002 the Rynkeby Foods launched the bicycle team called Rynkeby. Every year the team completes a tour to Paris to collect money for the Danish Child Cancer Foundation.

By the end of 2018, Rynkeby Team has collected a total amount of DKK 345 million since the launch in 2002. 48 teams from all the Nordic countries have participated in the tour in 2018.

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