‘Jesse’ by Joy Boothe | 10 i karakter

The world is full of different attitudes and prejudices this applies to everything from abortion to racism. Racism has been found everywhere in the world.

In some places it was removed before others and in some places, it was worse than others. One of the places where racism was worst was back in the 60’s racism was widespread in the US especially in the southern states such as, Mississippi and Alabama.

The story is told by the main character himself, where you follow the main character's actions and thoughts. We do not know the gender but not the name as previously written.

The main character is a girl, we can see this in several places such as when she thinks of herself as the queen of the world. However, the place where it becomes most obvious is eventually where she gets pregnant. (P:4 L:124)

This makes the story special as we only get it from her angle and not others' thoughts about the different situations.

The first time we meet the main character is when she is 5 years old, already the first time we hear about her thoughts when she says that she hates her name because it reminds her of her uncle who killed himself.

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