Janelle asked to the bedroom | Analyse | C. Ngozi Adichie

This short story is written by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in 2017 and is about Janelle, a woman of color and a Pilates instructor, who is summoned to the White House to give a private session to the First Lady being Melania Trump.

Janelle encounters Mrs. T in the bedroom where she is bedridden and notices how the First Lady has changed since her husband's presidential win. Mrs. T is now lonely and sad, a colorless bird trapped in a gilded cage.

This brings us to a characterization of Janelle as being a proud and independent woman, who likes to remain professional towards her clients and never to lose control.

She does not seem confrontational but likes to keep her emotions to herself, however, she is capable of feeling “pitying contempt and a contemptuous pity” (l 125) towards Mrs. T.

So she has a range of feelings but tries not to express them outwardly. It appears that Janelle, even though she has been to the White House often, is entering unknown territory being invited to the bedroom, and she is slightly puzzled by this.

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